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Seuraava Pentue on suunnitteilla keväällä 2020:

Dam: C.I.E FI CH EE CH LV CH TalW-18 Didaktic's No Speed Limit "Hilpi", born/2016 Finland, A/0, back clear. Eyes and heart will be check before mating. Hobbies: agility. Hilpi is like her name: no speed limit. Hilpi is everywhere like at home and she have friendly character. She can working all day with great attitude. Finnish mentaltest hopefully done on autum-18.

Sire: NJK-16 EJK-16 BJWBE-16 BJWNL-16 BNLW-17 W-17 JW-16 NLJCH BNLJCH NCH Yaparoos Arramagong Taz, born/2015 Netherland, A/0, eyes/heart clear/17. Hobbies: fci obedience, agility. Taz is hard worker and can working all day with 100‰. Still he is not "explosive". Love people, other dogs and animals. Live with two other kelpie male and gsd bitch on the country.

Puppies only loving and active homes! More info and contact: noorasalminen91@gmail.com

2020: emä: Nefi